Hey Jude (sorry, I couldn’t resist!!)

I had the opportunity to shoot another precious, little newborn — Jude. Lucky me!!! I’m telling y’all, there’s nothing like photographing a newborn! I’m in love! Isn’t he just perfect?

JudeNewborn 3

For Jude’s session I wanted to try something I’ve never done before; shoot with a macro lens. Before committing to a macro, I decided to rent one to see if I even liked it. Turns out I do, and here’s why:

I love that it captured, in the most detailed way, each little baby part. The parts we don’t want to ever forget about! Each wrinkle on his tiny hand, the most delicate eyelashes, where the umbilical cord fell off not too long ago, even the cute little bumps on the nose and flakes on the skin! I love it all. I think it’s safe to say I hope to invest in a macro lens soon.

I had such a great morning with this little man and his family. Here are a few more pictures from our morning together.

JudeNewborn 1 JudeNewborn 7JudeNewborn 2JudeNewborn 4 JudeNewborn 5 JudeNewborn 6 JudeNewborn 8JudeNewborn 10 JudeNewborn 9JudeNewborn 11JudeNewborn 14 JudeNewborn 12 JudeNewborn 13JudeNewborn 22JudeNewborn 20JudeNewborn 23

♥Always, Cynthia


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