It’s hard to believe that I became a mom 2 years ago to. Bane is one of the most fun-loving little guys that I know. If he’s not upset because he wants “mo cheese” you can betcha that you’ll catch him laughing and smiling. I never thought a one- (now TWO) year-old could make me laugh so much.

For Bane’s second birthday, I wanted to make sure I incorporated his favorite thing in the world, tractors. If you know Bane, you know he has a very limited vocabulary, but “truuuuck” and “tractor” are two words that the little guy does know. We went to grandma and grandpa’s house where they have the land and the tractors for this photo shoot, and it did not disappoint. I think if I ever go pro, I’ll need a set up like theirs to capture the type of setting I love to photograph in (or at least the type of setting Bane likes to photograph in 😉 ). I had so much fun taking these photos! Check them out..

Grandma & Grandpa’s Tractor

Bane Turns Two 17 Bane Turns Two 5Bane Turns Two 21 Bane Turns Two 19 Bane Turns Two 15 Bane Turns Two 13 Bane Turns Two 12 Bane Turns Two 11 Bane Turns Two 10 Bane Turns Two 6

Two Balloons

Bane Turns Two 7Bane Turns Two 22 Bane Turns Two 20 Bane Turns Two 14Bane Turns Two 8

It’s All About John Deere

Bane Turns Two 18 Bane Turns Two 16 Bane Turns Two 3 Bane Turns Two 2 Bane Turns Two 1 Bane Turns Two 9

♥ Always, Cynthia


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