First of all, y’all would be so impressed by how quickly this photo shoot got to here. Believe it or not, I took these photos TODAY. Yep, that’s right. Photo session, editing, blogging… all in a few hours. I couldn’t help myself. This is my very first newborn session and I had to know how the photos turned out. I learned so much, especially in the editing process about newborns and getting that creamy skin color to come about. I’ll have to blog about that later with some before and afters. For now, check out the few… okay the TONS of photos I picked as my favorites (I couldn’t help it!!).

MeetCynthiaBlog 9 MeetCynthiaBlog 8 MeetCynthiaBlog 6MeetCynthiaBlog 7  MeetCynthiaBlog 5 MeetCynthiaBlog 4

Isn’t she just perfect? Don’t worry… There’s more =)

MeetCynthiaBlog 20croppedphoto3  MeetCynthiaBlog 16croppedphoto  MeetCynthiaBlog 14

Brianna has the best big brother, Matteo. You can tell how much he loves her in the photos… SO sweet.

MeetCynthiaBlog 18 MeetCynthiaBlog 17 MeetCynthiaBlog 21 MeetCynthiaBlog 13 MeetCynthiaBlog 12 MeetCynthiaBlog 11 MeetCynthiaBlog 10 MeetCynthiaBlog 3 MeetCynthiaBlog 2 MeetCynthiaBlog 1

It was so much fun spending the morning with this beautiful, happy family! I’m so glad I got to be a part of this special time in their lives.

MeetCynthiaBlog 1 (1) MeetCynthiaBlog 2 (1)

Can you tell I fell in love with the black & white photos? There’s just something about them that’s soft, beautiful, timeless.. my list goes on.

♥ Cynthia



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