I’ve always loved the idea of capturing an image with a romantic sun setting in the background. Most of my sessions have been during the day when the sun was hanging out high in the sky. Recently, I was able to do a family photo shoot with the Hughes. We started our shoot around 5:45pm, just as the sun was deciding to start it’s way down. As the evening progressed, I became more and more excited about the photos we would capture. Isn’t this romantic?

Hughes Family Photos 4

I also really enjoyed playing with black and white images. I’ve always loved B&W photos and this time I think I turned almost every photo to B&W. I had a really hard time deciding what I liked better, color or black & white, so most of the time I chose both. What do you think?

Hughes Family Photos 8 Hughes Family Photos 7

Here are more of my favorite photos from the evening.. Isn’t this one of the most beautiful families you’ve ever seen?!

Hughes Family Photo

Hughes Family Photos 11

Hughes Family Photos 2

Hughes Family Photos 3

Hughes Family Photos 6

Hughes Family Photos 12

Hughes Family Photos 13

Hughes Family Photos 14

Hughes Family Photos 9

♥Always, Cynthia



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