I got to do a playful, fun photo shoot with sweet, little Miss Malia for her first birthday! I went to Arvada, Colorado, in the new Five Parks area. I loved doing the photo shoot here because it felt like we were at the very edge of the city where the grass went on until you hit the mountains. It has turned out to be one of my favorite places to shoot. Just look at those mountains in the distance, doesn’t it seem unreal? I hope sights like this one never get old to me. This is just one of the many reasons why I love Colorado!

Malia Turns One (1)

One of the awesome tools I got to use when editing was Aperture’s retouch/clone tool. Some of the photos had trees in the background and I felt that the photo would look better with out them, so I played around. Here is a before and after of a photo that I cloned a tree out of. It’s an impressive tool, wouldn’t you say?

Malia’s mom homemade the most adorable smash-cake for her to dig into. Little miss loved getting into her cake…

Malia Turns One(4)

Malia Turns One(5)

Malia Turns One(6)

This photo shoot made me so excited to do even more one-year photos! I think we all had a blast doing the shoot and I hope to have more opportunities to do shoots like this in the future. Here are a few more of my favorite photos from the day, enjoy!

Malia Turns One(10)

Malia Turns One(11)

Malia Turns One(13)

Malia Turns One (2)

Malia Turns One(14)

Malia Turns One(15)


♥Always, Cynthia



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