Have you ever heard of that saying, “too much of a good thing”? That’s what I want to avoid when editing pictures. For example, I can get carried away with the eyes and make them look unreal with sharpening and color saturation and have to scale back a bit (even though it can look really cool). Haven’t the likes of Lady GaGa and Lorde pointing out the negatives of over editing taught us anything? I definitely want to highlight features to make them stand out and maybe even smudge out a few “imperfections” we may be self-conscious about (Hey, we can’t all be Lorde!), but without over doing it at the same time.


I do think that as artists there are times when it’s okay to get a little crazy with this, but as I’m taking portraits of families, babies, etc., I want them to look like themselves.

Over Easter weekend, we went up to my in-law’s house where it’s becoming a tradition to spend the day eatin and shootin clays (and sneaking in a nap while grandma and grandpa chase my kid around). The sky was beautiful with a mixture of rain clouds and sunshine and I thought it would be a great opportunity to bust out red and take a few shots. When I got home, I edited my photos with Lightroom once again and this time had a little more fun. I really wanted to bring out the sky and admittedly went overboard, BUT, I wanted more of an artistic feel and felt that over editing in this case was necessary to the cause. Here are some photos (with some before AND after – I finally did it, y’all!) that I went a little crazy on:

DSC_0745 Easter_2014-0745

DSC_0766 Easter_2014-0766

DSC_0823 Easter_2014-0823


DSC_0831 Easter_2014-0831


I love learning about different photo editing software and really believe they can help to enhance photos in a positive way, but also believe there is such a thing as over-doing it. I hope that I can eventually get to the point where editing is very minimal (unless I’m going for a more artsy feel to a photo) because I get it right the first time, but for now I’m sticking close to my software ;).

What do you think of photo editing? Do you think it’s okay to go overboard as I did above? Where should the line be drawn? I’m curious, if I were taking portraits of you and/or your family, how much editing (eye-pops, skin smoothing, etc) would you want done to your photos?



  1. They didn’t seem overboard to me! I love to pop of the colors, especially the sky! It makes the picture that much more magicial while still looking real!

  2. Such a handsome hubby you got there and that BOY, I always love Bane shots.

    I didn’t think the edits were overboard. I actually thought the one with Bane was a big improvement.

  3. Love the added depth of the blue skies! I haven’t done any editing except to add brightness, esp. for snow pics. I agree that minimal editing can add a lot, I just don’t know how to do it! I’m having so much fun reading your blog. 🙂

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