All I wanted for Christmas was a camera. A good camera. Although I am so grateful for today’s technology and being able to capture every moment with a smartphone, I was tired of having low quality prints of my precious, new baby. After picking a budget and doing lots of research (asking my girlfriend who so happens to be a professional photographer), my husband and I decided on a DSLR, the Nikon D5200 – a fancy red one at that!

red nikon
I’ve had plenty of point-and-shoot cameras in my lifetime, but this is my first DSLR. What in the world is a DSLR? It’s a Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera.. Whatever that means! It gets a little technical, but that’s okay, all I needed to know was how to use it. I immediately knew “auto” was not an option for me and got really interested in learning how to use different modes. I quickly discovered my favorite (and safest for now) mode to be “A” or “Aperture Priority”

aperture prioty

Why? The BOKEH OF COURSE! It was the easiest, most comfortable way for me to start shooting “wide open” (I just learned this fancy term from my girlfriend who so happens to be a professional photographer). What does all that mean? I’ll break it down; bokeh is the creamy, blurry effect you get in the background and/or foreground of your photos while having your subject in complete focus, like this one:


Shooting “wide open” means choosing a large aperture to get the most bokeh (my favorite kind of photo!).

aperture chart
Okay, I’m done with the technical stuff. The next thing I had to do was practice! My son’s first birthday was quickly approaching and I wanted to be able to take good photos of his cake-smash and party. So, practicing I went. Here are a few [random, unedited] photos I took for the first time trying to learn how to use my new camera:

jackjack lexi christmas uncle tyDSC_0861 DSC_0942

♥Always, Cynthia


9 thoughts on “HOW IT ALL GOT STARTED

    • Thanks, Momma D! I’d love to show you what I’ve learned! It’s a 2-way street.. I always learn more when I’m teaching 🙂 Love you back! <3Cynthia

  1. Cyndi! I’m so glad you started this blog! I was just thinking about how our date to set it up never happened…. Now that you’ve got a site up and running, I can refer people when they compliment the pictures you took of Landon! We have our favorites hanging on the wall and people always love them so much.

    • Thanks, Laura! That means so much to me that you’ve hung some pictures!! I can’t wait to share a few of them on my blog soon 🙂 We must hang out soon and I still could use some help with this blogging thing 😉 Let’s plan a play date soon. <3Cynthia

  2. I hope this isn’t a double post. I posted but didn’t see it, user error probably. I’m so so proud of you! First step, you are doing it! I’m so excited for your journey!


  4. Love it Cyndi! I am gong to play with that setting with my camara, very helpful. Will probably need a little one on one.
    I love your passion, you have taken some great shots. You just keep taking as many pics of that beautiful grandbaby, I never see enough! 💙

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